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UNERASER is a software utility created to solve almost all data loss scenarios due to logical failure. It can recover deleted files on a disk or restore deleted or damaged partitions and volumes. As well as recovers data after using the FORMAT command.

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Active@ UNERASER Version 24
January 25, 2024
  • New Recovery Kernel version 14.1.17
  • New option for Virtual Disks: Reconstruct disks having sector size other than physical sector
  • New option for Virtual Disks: Reconstruct devices having non-zero data start offset in sector
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Improved Boot Disk Creator – added Display Scaling and Network Resource mapping
  • The latest Active@ Boot Disk based on WinPE 10.0.25398.1 (Windows Server 23H2 code base)
  • Boot Disk includes many more storage drivers for Dell, HP and Lenovo devices
Updates history

Full access to non-bootable PC

Ability to start non-bootable PC to get exclusive access to the local disks and system

Loads from CD, DVD or USB flash drive

Starts from a CD, DVD or USB flash drive (appropriate BIOS settings required)

Network access

Network access via TCP/IP, network configurator is included

Removable Boot Disk media

Boot Disk media may be removed from the system after successfully booting the system

Multi-boot support

Multi-boot or dual-boot functionality (DOS + Windows)

Data recovery tools

Recovery utilities recover deleted files, or recover data from deleted/damaged partitions

Key Features

Support all type of HDD

Recover accidentally formatted HDD, SSD, USB, SD

Creates a disk image

Backup MBR (Master Boot Record), Partition Table and Volume Boot Sectors

Integrated Disk Editor

Displays content of any sector on the disk with integrated Disk Editor

WinPE-based boot disk

Includes bootable Windows Recovery environment (Ultimate)

Support all file systems

NTFS, FAT, exFAT, Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4/BtrFS, Apple HFS+, ApFS and Unix UFS

Virtually restore method

Virtually restore MBR and Partition Table from backup

Advanced search

Includes advanced search by file name, mask, size range and other attributes

Linux-based boot disk

Includes bootable Linux-based Recovery environment (Ultimate)


Pricing Table

Please choose the correct version and licensing model according to your business needs


Limit: recovers only one file per session


adds Active@ Boot Disk Lite with recovery tools

- +



adds Linux-based Active@ LiveCD with Active@ UNERASER

- +


  • Personal license - for non-commercial purposes. The Personal License will be assigned to the individual's name.
  • Corporate license - for commercial use. With a Corporate License the company can use the program in a business, academic, or government environment.
  • Unlimited license - Business license that provides unlimited worldwide licensing for corporation.