My credit card purchase was rejected, what can I do?

Call the support number: +1 (905) 812-8434. Our experienced staff can help you over the phone. There are several possible reasons why your credit card is being rejected:

  1. Check that your available credit card balance is sufficient to cover the cost of the purchase. Please contact your financial institution directly to resolve the issue and try again.

  2. Make sure that your credit card is not expired.

  3. The name and billing address entered are not the same as on your credit card statement. To correct this issue, please re-enter your credit card billing address and name exactly as it appears on your credit card bill.

  4. A security Firewall setting is preventing the purchase. Attempting to place an order from behind a company firewall can be the cause of problem. Resolve this issue and try your order again.

If you are still receiving an error message when trying to order the software, please contact your financial institution.