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UNFORMAT Software Documentation Unformat Volume

This is the standard, detailed display of partitions.

All detected drives appear in the Detected Drive list. Each item in the list is ranked according to the likelihood of successful data recovery. Those items with an “Excellent” likelihood status appear at the top of the list.

If any files are detected by reading file signatures, the size of the total of these files appears in a separate line.

The right panel Target contains a tree view that shows all system devices and their partitions, including unallocated areas. If you select a different item in the left panel, the most suitable drive is selected automatically in the right panel.

The selected drive is called the Unformat target.

In the right panel, when you select a suitable target, the Next button is enabled. If you select a target that is not suitable, the Next button is disabled. This prevents you from unformatting the wrong partition.

Unformatting Partitions

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